NEW RELEASE, PUBLISHED 08-12-2014: Should the California Drought Problem Be Solved or Not?
Jessey Roger is promising to Californians that if the droughts continue from bad to worse; he may begin working on one of his artificial intelligence technologies under his first law “Every Displaced Action has an Equal Counter Action”.  This is not the proper action to be practiced alongside the superior Creator’s environmental and atmospheric engineering and he is hesitant to do it for reasons he will explain later.  He is doing it for his own mind's satisfaction and what he believes to be a necessary engineering fulfillment for understanding the missing piece to a  puzzle that was created by excessive amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere, and hoping his attempt will bring at-least 60% of the Californian irrigation water back within a year or two. Surly there will be a long delay because this engineering practice is a memory based technology that must be strategically linked to the Earth’s master memory system and a practice that mankind has never done before. 

The most important consideration he understands is the intelligence behind the physics which has to be carefully, strategically and mathematically well calculated before any action of this type can be put in place of the planet's natural wind memory system, taking into account the possibility of every counter-reaction scenario. It is extremely essential to ensure it won’t disturb or create any unwanted counter-reactions from the Earth’s Northern longitudinal wind belt drives, especially the North Westerly wind belt flow which is already immensely confused. At the same time we will be working on the disturbed North Polar Vortex to keep the North Pole’s cold air from traveling South which is now compensating for the damages that were done by the CO2’s newly created Latitudinal high pressure wind influences.

As seen in the recent days, the North vortex is completely confused and creating cold weather conditions in the North-Eastern zone of the USA, where during this time of the year it should be warm and hot. I am sad to see that this will support the scientists who oppose the idea of global warming. These confused and unbalanced weather conditions, and recently active Jet Streams, are now hurting the Western parts of the USA which are now getting beaten down with unbearable burning heat and dry atmospheric conditions. The Mid-Southern section of the USA is getting pounded with heavy rain and flooding, including the Eastern parts. I firmly believe that all of these damages, surly and without a doubt, will be the cause of an even more serious negative memory influence to the Globe’s master system and there may be a bad to worse counter action with extremely distorted weather ramifications. If Jessey's first engineering attempt on the California issue works successfully and according to his forecasted plan, it will hopefully help prove the accuracy of his scientific predictions and slowly bring the lost water back to California.

He is waiting for his due financial support from many companies that he has saved from bankruptcy with his own personal technology and advice. At lease 50% of the proceeds from those companies will be spent on the Californian drought project. This technology will ultimately aid in repairing a major part of the Earth’s original wind belts and drive memory system.  This, including the "Great Ocean Conveyor Belt Drive System" reaction needs to be watched very closely from the United Kingdom. The “South Easterly Wind Belt” and the “South Westerly Wind Belt” must also be closely watched for any peculiar activities?
My dear Earthly citizens, to better understand and to care for your planet “Mother Earth” please go to to see various links on these topics and to read our updated 24 page report and view the CO2 chart. This will give all the information about the devastations that are now taking place and what’s going to be our future.