Warning! Evidence proves that planet Earth may get dismantled out of our Galaxy before the end of “2050”, under the Earth’s second law.
Jessey’s kind request:   All citizens of planet Earth must read this important message!

Our Earth Weather System is Completely Confused
“Mother Earth” is in Deep “Trouble”

Going back to the 1700's and tracking the Earth's weather up to the year 2000, the Earth's weather pattern in the continents didn’t change much. However, today the Sun is bubbling with anger for what mankind has done to planet Earth. During the past 300 years, there were a few unwelcomed events like short ice age experiences and the serious drought in the early 1900's that had taken place. Most of these occurrences had taken place in the North Westerly and North Easterly wind zone area. These were due to the excessive amount of coal and wood burning by mankind during these years but it wasn’t a global problem. Even many scientists during this time came out with many scientific conclusions and theories, many of which were wrong. The Earth’s seven continents continued to have their normal seasonal and timely weather cycles with not much change over a span of the last three hundred years. All of the Earth’s six longitudinal wind belts were on track and operational. This was because of the polar vortex wonder, the Earth's longitudinal wind belt system and the Great ocean conveyor belt drive system, which helped the minor weather confusions return to their normal operation. These weather balancing tools were created by the "Creator", so all of mankind and living creatures can live a normal life. I am very sad to say that this act of GOD made many of the present scientists believe there was no global warming, even as the CO2 in the atmosphere approached and then exceeded the 400ppm mark, because mankind is fully confused between the creation and evolution.

Looking at the North Pole and the South Pole ice setting over this span of 300 years, you'll notice there was never much of a change. There were times when the poles lost some of their ice formation or other times when they became over packed with ice formations above their actual norm but then returned to their actual formation, size and shape, by the help of the Earth’s master memory system. The last time the North Pole's ice was at its fullest was during the 1940s. That was after the early 1900 droughts that killed millions in Canada, the USA, and Russia including other main-lands around the North Pole zone. Yes there were a few violent wind turbulences, massive property damages and thousands of lost lives that took place periodically during these times, but it was not a Global issue. Now everything has changed radically, and sad to say, is continuing to mislead the present scientific community despite looking at the present Earth weather confusion and life altering disasters globally and comparing it to previous weather events from former decades.

We have no more time to play these hide and seek games after knowing for certain our planet Earth is in deep trouble. One must understand that wind turbulence; Hurricanes, Typhoons and Cyclones, are tools created by the “Creator” to help the planet's weather when it becomes disturbed by human habits, in an attempt to help the Earth's weather return to normalization. But the Earth's present weather conditions
are now angrier than ever, violent and crazy. Even the Monsoon rains, that are part of his creation to bring water into the interior lands so mankind will have drinking water and be able to grow their own food, have taken a different path and are either causing very abnormal flooding or droughts by dumping their H2O into the ocean instead of on the interior lands.

Now within the last decade, the original weather patterns have started changing while picking up momentum, because of the CO2 increase in the atmosphere and also because of losing the Pole's ice, which was an important tool for cooling the planet Earth when needed. Over the last few years we are able to visually see that the polar vortex is extremely confused and acting very peculiar and strange, changing the cloud formations and weather temperatures so fast around the Globe, within a three to six hour time period, making the meteorologists sad and totally confused. What they learned in
college is no longer the case. There is no doubt in my mind that the entire weather system and weather patterns are beginning to change and are going to change completely in the very near future as the momentum escalates. This will lead to even more serious and permanent flooding, mudslides, droughts, freezing cold weather, heat waves, violent volcano eruption and wild forest fires. All of these events will be seen in unthinkable places. Food starvation for humans as well as wildlife, will occur all over the Globe, and be far worse than we have already "witnessed". Mother Earth will not be able to reverse the damages as she did during the first three hundred year warnings. Even if she wants to correct these problems it may be impossible when she has lost all of her major assets and resources that she once had for normalizing the weather system.
Why all of these events are taking place are somewhat explained in the 24 page report and CO2 chart on “Project Mother Earth 360” website.
My main question is, will our planet Earth get dismantled out of our Galaxy under the second Earth law “All matter is memoried by the universe; Matter that is not memoried by the universe is not matter” or the gravitational pulls of the Sun, Moon and the planets; formation of our Galaxy keeping all matter in place within its own rotary motion axis and to orbit around on the axis of the Sun. A single matter fails its universe memory to rotate on its own axis and orbiting around the Sun axis and failing its own balance can be rejected out of the universe memory under the Earth’s second law. If this occurs, the matter will diminish gradually from all of the Earth's memory capabilities, until it is completely diminished and then disappears from the universe memory in space, as if it never existed. Even the disregarded matter, being in the memory zone of the universe, will be invisible or unaccounted for and will not be an issue when discussing the active universe. 

It is my kind request to all my earthly citizens to get united together to save our “Mother Earth” from the devastation she is heading towards so the future generations to come after us can share her dearly love. Thank You.              


Jessey Roger