Jessey Roger indicates that his first two laws, which will surely save our planet, both of which were released during the last two years, will never be adapted into the present physics of science due to their lack of understanding the technology unless one reads the contents in the updated 24 page report. The 24 page report and videos were created to give some basic knowledge to the world so the world understands the basic philosophy of the new “Jessey Law” He hopes that human intelligence will one day be driven into his new science and the scientific community will understand how this particular physics of science will work on our planet and in the universe.  He has spoken occasionally about some of the important scientific issues of the future that mankind may be able to reach and needs to reach despite of the philosophical practice of these theories and hypotheses.  He hopes that human intelligence surrounding his physics of science will be clearly understood and the engineering physics of the “String Theory” and how it acts upon matter in the universe and how matter is memoried, to be acted upon, will also be clearly understood.  Once the Jessey law is truly understandable to a certain degree as expected, humankind will welcome and adapt his technology since it is the only technology that will solve the world’s serious problem so human beings can live comfortably.  Jessey Roger is looking forward to the release of his forty year study report on the “String Theory” in one of the selected science magazines in the USA or in the United Kingdom or in his “Mother Land” Malaysia so the world will have a true understanding about the engineering of the now called “String Theory”.

As mentioned many times in the 24 page report, these new laws, when practiced and implemented properly, as indicated in the agenda, will calm down all of the devastating weather related disasters that are taking place all over the globe and in the USA.  This is especially important for calming down the violent acts from tornados here in the USA before the situation escalates even further and thousands of lives are lost.  There is no doubt that if we don’t calm down the “Latitudinal” wind forces that are currently becoming very active, we may see similar twin type Tornado attacks in new and unfamiliar locations, similar to what took place in Nebraska on June 16th 2014 which wiped out 75% of the town. During the mid and late 1900s the Tornado events were isolated with only a few occurrences.  Now they are occurring frequently and taking place all over the USA, Canada and a few in other parts of the world. Before, these serious damaging forces only took place in the mid part of the US lands called “Tornado Alley”.  Now they have spread into the Northern and Southern parts of the USA, including some unthinkable locations in Canada and sadly to say, these areas in our personal charts are considered to be the Jet Stream protected zone. This proves that the Earth system is now seriously confused. I can firmly say that once the “latitudinal” wind memory forces become more influential, the tornado alleys that are claimed for decades in the USA and in Canada will no longer be an issue. Soon Tornadoes will begin hitting hard all across North American lands and violently in unexpected locations where weather forecast media will not be able to predict. Based on my first law “Every Displaced Action has an Equal Counter Action” and information gathered on the study report
regarding tornados coming out of the “Tornado Alleys” two year ago in July 2012, a personal warning E-mail was sent to the Canadian Government to build their future homes with bolts and nuts instead of nails so it will help to create some resistance to any Tornado forces that may take place in the very near future in Ontario and Hamilton areas in Canada. Now, two years later, Tornadoes have demolished homes in Ontario and in some areas close to Toronto Canada which was unprecedented. Had Canada followed our advice it would have helped our new study progress on the Tornado forces. I have no doubt that if we don’t control these uninvited “Latitudinal” wind forces soon, two or more isolated wind islands can be formed in the atmosphere to initiate two or more “Tornados” that may take place within close proximity of each other and wipe out towns in a stretch of miles never before witnessed. Sudden unexpected rapid weather temperature changes can bring snow during the middle of Summer or heat ways during winter, unwelcomed flooding, droughts, mudslides, sinkholes,  hammering thunder storms and dangerous high voltage lightning in places never before heard of plus heavy rain on lands by dragging high sea moisture due to the strong  active “Latitudinal” memories. I have warned the USA and many other countries in my 24 page report who are now in the troublesome path of weather related calamity that these catastrophic devastations will most certainly hurt the economy in the countries mentioned, including the very strong likelihood of a global food crisis. 

The unbelievable Nebraska twin “Tornado” devastation that took place on June 16th 2014 was warned in my earlier repot about two years ago. In fact, I warned a year ago about the Colorado floods and the California fires that have already taken place as well as the droughts that are now taking place.  Six months ago I forecasted floods and very serious droughts that may take place in the land areas near the North Pacific by the summer of 2014, which will be similar to what happened in the early 1900s. Mankind, who is responsible for taking care of our planet, has failed to recognize the warnings that planet Earth is in serious trouble and who has neglected to implement worthy solutions on time. I am certain that very soon “Planet Earth” will be heading towards an irreversible stage that cannot be repaired,
unless Project Mother Earth 360 gets involved immediately without any delay even if it’s too late already.  My only advice for all of mankind on Earth is to visit "", read the 24 page report to better understand our planet earth and to know what really happened to our weather systems that are causing all sorts of unimaginable devastation all across the Globe.
Thank You.


Jessey Roger  

The New Laws to Save our Planet

JESSEY’S First Law
“Every Displaced Action has an Equal Counter Action”

JESSEY’S Second Law
“All Matter is Memoried by the Universe; Matter that is not Memoried by the Universe is not Matter”