I have predicted many events that have taken place on Earth lands well in advance, giving the human race more than enough time to heed caution and take the necessary measures to protect themselves, and hopefully prevent these events altogether. My recent studies on the Siberian frigid cold wind in November 2014, to my calculation, should have traveled 45 degrees Southward, but instead, has traveled strongly 180 degrees around half the globe, undulating westward using the polar Pacific Ocean as its primary influence for traveling against the North Pole's Easterly Longitudinal wind flow memory while maintaining a memory as such for a long period of time and traveling towards North America, triggering and activating the North  Polar Vortex to hammer North America during the middle part of November 2014. This unwelcome event was so extremely unique by traveling such a distance and then becoming so influential in creating such a devastating impact while seriously annoying the Polar Atlantic Ocean Memory. Based on the confused Polar Vortex acts, the November 2014 Siberian frigid cold failing to travel South, Typhoon Hagupict not achieving its intended destination as predicted and the wild devastating events that took place during the last few months of 2014 in Canada and in the USA, and now connecting this surprising and unique event to it, has truly allowed me to see the only conclusion, that high turbulence wind forces may quite possibly be created, causing unpredicted initiations of high magnitude devastating Tornados on the surface of the Canadian land area, which is significantly rare for this geographical region, based on my previous studies involving the Tornado Alleys and the jet stream protected zones in the USA and Canada.
According to my studies, I believe that these new Tornado activities could take place during the early part of 2015 and may last until the end of summer in 2016, until balance is restored. This forecast is based on displaced actions and their counter actions under my first Earth law: “Every Displaced Action has an Equal Counter Action”. I believe there will be named Tornados in Canada due to the magnitude of their devastation. I have worked for the last forty years to save human lives from these type
of devastations because lives cannot be replaced but materials can. For this main reason, my personal advice to every citizen who lives in high rise buildings in the zones mentioned below must have a battery powered weather radio to be ON all twenty four hours in their homes. This will give the latest weather update for safety. My very first advice to everyone who faces a situation as such should use staircases and never use the elevators. It's sad to say but if an event such as this occurs, and mankind ignores our highly recommended safety measures, they are at extreme risk of being badly injured or killed. The vengeance of Mother Earth is now acting out for what mankind has done to her. There is no denying that we have already witnessed the beginning of her rage. Besides her anger and the power of Mother Earth acting out in return for what has happened to her, she is specifically only trying to correct the serious damages done to her. If something such as these tornadoes occurs, in this magnitude, all matter will be floating in the Earth's living space for seconds to minutes like birds with no wings. The only message I am trying to convey here, and my only advice to the citizens in Canada is to take preventative measures for serious injuries, saving lives, and the many deaths that could occur, which at this point is better than a cure, since it is too late to prevent these particular weather events from occurring. There are many options for mankind to protect themselves from future dangers based on our forecast in the 24 page report and the clues given in various links at http://www.projectmotherearth360.com, now and for other likely events in the near and distant future.

There are currently a few selected areas that can be affected on the U.S. side. They include Syracuse and Watertown New York and up North to 401/81 intersection in Canada, and also a few other cities like Hamilton, Mississauga and Toronto should be watchful. If all of these areas are mapped out, they will form a triangle from Syracuse New York to Nebraska
USA, Nebraska USA to the intersection 401/81 in Canada and then back to Syracuse NY in the USA. Some Tornado activities may also occur a little on the outskirt of this perimeter, about fifty miles (80 KLM), because of the present uncertainty and the very confused air system. I am giving this advice because 99% of my previous predictions for USA and Canada two years ago have taken place during the past few months and up to a year ago. So please take this as my personal advice for your own safety.

Tornados in the US Alley and in the Canadian Alley have gotten out of control and started moving to
some unthinkable locations that were previously not prone to these types of events. It's sad to say that these events are happening because the Earth’s original longitudinal wind belts memories are failing and the newly created unwelcome Latitudinal wind forces are getting stronger and initiating air islands with high low density differences. It is so dangerous now for air travelers, as I have warned a year ago in the update of my 24 page report, and in our video #2 released in October 2013 and video #3 released in February 2014 that pilots who experience these type of devastations while in flight, do not panic or over throttle their engines especially when flying a tail mounted engine aircraft, or any aircraft when going into a higher climb angle, during a situation as such without fully knowing the engineering of the circumstance. These sorts of sudden flying mechanism changes could create an unexpected stress on the engine which could shut off the engine or seize the engines by damaging the turbine blades. I truly suspect that is what really happened to flight Air Asia QZ 8501 in the Sea of Java. I believe it could have experienced a high torque on the engine drive system that would have killed the engine, which will be revealed later once both engines are found and the engine damages are investigated. My kind requests to all pilots for the safety of future passengers, please go to our web site at www.projectmotherearth360.com to watch video #2. All of the essential issues regarding our planet are explained scientifically, such as why dinosaurs were destroyed and also our present geography status and relationship to the now active geophysics which will help many pilots save their aircrafts and prevent them from crashing down out of the sky.  

Due to unwelcome weather patterns, my predictions may be slightly skewed, with an approximate end result of 75 to 99% perfection. For this main reason I am planning to build an Earth weather control facility in Canada to work with the Earth memory to calm down any future Tornados, among other things to be discussed at a later time. I have already spoken to the Canadian Government about creating 3000+ manufacturing jobs under my own patent rights to manufacture products for the international consumer market. These job creations will not only be highly paid but will also help me run the science facility in Canada. Having this facility in Canada will surely save billions of dollars due to weather damages and thousands of lives, based on our forecast that was predicted for Canada. I have repeatedly mentioned in my twenty-four page report two years ago and various web publications, that if we continue to ignore these Earthly warnings the economy of every country around the world will be hurt very badly and many lives will be lost, by food starvation and other related casualty causes. What human-kind is now witnessing and without denial is just the beginning of what is sure to come, according to my many studies done on this issue. If we ignore these warning signs and fail to manage the root of these problems precisely, much more unimaginable devastation will begin occurring around the world.  Contact us at jesseyroj@gmail.com

                                                              Thank You.
                                                                                                Jessey Roger
Tornadoes are Coming to the Canadian Cities in the Year 2015/2016

High-Rise Buildings in Danger!

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